Ellis Trail, Zirkel Mountains, CO July 3, 2009 - geoffw

Zoom a little. As I said, nice drive. And, it can be easily done in a 2 wheel drive small vehicle. However, it is a forest access road (I think it's just an extension of County Road 6W, but, hard to say). Anyway, you don't see a lot of traffic and it "is" possible to run into snow drifts across the road in June. Or, maybe a tree across the road. So, unless you carry a saw and ax (as I do), you may not want to try this road any earlier than late June or early July. However, you can always try and just turn around if you need to. Well, the edges of the road can be a little tricky, so don't slide off (no cliffs or anything, but you might end up in a muddy ditch). Otherwise, they keep it in pretty good shape. You can take a different route through Riverside (the way I returned) if you want. Its more heavily traveled (relatively speaking) and should be easier to get through earlier. Calling the forest service ahead of time is always a good thing to do if you are planning a trip with a family.

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