Ellis Trail, Zirkel Mountains, CO July 3, 2009 - geoffw

Beginning of the trip. Yes, that's what I was headed towards to go hiking. See the mountains? Yeah, me neither. I had to sit and think about this for a few minutes : )
Sometimes I get up ready to go hiking and I know EXACTLY what direction I'm headed and even what trail I'm going to go hike on.

Then, other times, well, let's just say I take each step as it comes. Let's see, uh, step one. Get in car. OK. We are sitting in car. Now, turn the key on. Good. Good. Now get to road and, ooops major decision time. Right or left? Well, this was one of those times. I kept making all the turns that led me to Laramie, then towards Walden, then turn right at Cowdry, then. Oh my. time to stop and look at the, well, no, can't look at the mountains because its RAINING! Mutter a few cuss words and glare for a minute.

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