Ellis Trail, Zirkel Mountains, CO July 3, 2009 - geoffw

You NEVER know what the weather or the mountains are going to do from one minute to the next. Sometimes you might guess right, or kinda right. But, a chunk of the time you will guess wrong. Take this present situation. It'd been raining on me since I left Fort Collins and here I was staring at what should have been a big view of the Zirkels. Instead, (see very first photo : ), I'm looking through some lightly falling rain at a solid wall of rain that very effectively hid any view of the mountains. But, at my current age of 37 (or so, I could be just a few years off. Possibly even a few decades, but it's all a frame of mind : ) I've begun to understand that sometimes you just ignore what it currently looks like and wait till you get to your destination to see what it really is like (and even then it might change after 5 minutes of arriving at the destination). And, even then, if it still looks and acts bad, just ignore it and get out and go hike anyway and everything will be just fine (ok, maybe once or twice that was the wrong decision, but MOST of the time it turns out just fine. You may want to modify this behavior if you have a family with you (or, at least if the kids are smallish)). (Short short aside number 2 - Well, truth be told, if you drag your kids through a hell of a hike, they will probably berate you and yell at you the entire time, then not talk to you for a day or two, but for the rest of their life they will remember it as being an "great adventure". Go figure : )))

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