Rawah's Upper Forrester Creek - July 29, 2006 - geoffw

Eventually I just had to quit. It was getting too confusing and it did not look as if I was getting close to my objective. So, I went back to the truck and headed back to the same forest service road that I had used a week ago to get to the trail that led me (after a longish hike) up to the ridge (and the moose).
But, this time I went further until the road turned into a 4wd road and I came close to losing my mirrors (and paint job) on the truck. So, I parked the truck and started hiking. Went around 4-5 miles to find out that:
1. Yes, looked like the road went where I wanted to go.
2. If I didn't mind losing some paint off of my truck, I could probably drive the entire road to it's end.
This is what part of the road looked like.

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